Water Edged Living
Wake up to the ebb and flow of serene backwaters. View a glorious sunset caressed by cool winds. Dark rain clouds, lightning-shot, make a palm fringed horizon blaze. All reflected in the emerald expanse of the fabled Vembanad Lake.
The Caress of Luxury
Be submerged in luxurious living, where your every need is met with the smiling warmth of Kerala. Alluring design, lush gardens and culinary excellence. Gentle hands that heal and massage. A surge of good living, well and peace of mind.
Living Culture
Allow gentle currents of culture to immense you in the essence of Kerala. Design, performance and art reveal its mystical and popular soul. Experience Kerala not as a tourist, but as a participant dipping into its true flavor.
A Southern Sojourn
Vasundhara has something for everyone. Exciting water sports and play areas for children while you shop for handcrafted products at our store. A traditional Ayurvedic massage, or sightseeing trips down the waterways of Alleppey. And for events, striking designed venues.
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